Roxbury Community College Archives

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Documents relating to the general history of the college. This includes documents from before the college's founding and documents that do not fit in other series because of their general nature.

This series contains information about events that have occurred at RCC.

Materials relating to the RCC Board of Trustees.

Documents produced by or relating to the presidents of RCC.

Documents relating to the Academic Affairs division of RCC, including the academic departments, the library, and various other academic programs.

Documents relating to the college administration and the college's financial affairs. This series includes materials on the budget, college facilities, and the business and human resources departments.

This series includes materials relating to the enrollment office, the student affairs office, athletics, course scheduling, the student government association, and marketing.

Materials relating to the operations of the Reggie Lewis Track and Athletic Center.

Materials relating to the Roxbury Community College Foundation, the fundraising arm of the college.

Materials relating to the experiences of the RCC community with the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic.


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